Launched in 1999, is a retail credit consulting firm monitoring public and private retailers across several sectors, including apparel, auto parts, electronics, mass merchandise, home center sporting goods, and department stores, among others. Headquartered in Great Neck, NY, is a privately held company affiliated with Information Clearinghouse, Inc. (ICI) through common principals and officers. The three key executives of collectively have over 100 years of credit and insolvency management experience and, as such, the Company is uniquely positioned to provide a perspective superior to other financial reporting services.

The Creditntell Team
LAWRENCE SARF President & CEO 800-789-0123 Ext. 102

For more than 50 years, Lawrence Sarf has provided his clients hands-on expertise and knowledge with respect to financially troubled companies operating across numerous retail and wholesale segments. His unparalleled background has afforded those clients with the time-sensitive intelligence needed to avoid costly bankruptcies and working capital draining slow receivables. Over several decades, Larry has been sought out to evaluate countless acquisitions and divestitures. Additionally, he has served in a consultant and/or advisory capacity to scores of creditors' committees in both bankruptcy and out-of-court settings. In 1990, Larry was formally recognized with the distinction of Bankruptcy Expert by the Chief Bankruptcy Judge of the Southern District of New York. He's not only been appointed as operating receiver and Bankruptcy Advisor in a number of bankruptcies, but he has personally overseen well over 1,000 insolvency proceedings. With Larry's extensive background and unique insights, he's been coined the "best in the business." !

KEVIN SLACK Advisor to the President, Creditntell 800-789-0123 Ext. 103

Kevin Slack's areas of expertise are in the retail and wholesale food and drug industries, where he spent 25 years in senior credit management positions with Sterling Drug Co. and Ward Foods. While in these positions, he gained extensive experience in all facets of the order cycle, including Credit Risk, DSO, Deductions/Dilution and Bad Debt Best Practice receivable process improvements, as well as A/R Systems implementation and integration. Kevin was an industry peer group leader in food, health and beauty care and pharmaceuticals. Kevin served as chairman of the National Health & Beauty Care Credit Group, as a member on the Trade Relations Committee of the NHBCG and the National Food Manufacturers Credit Group, and was a co-founder of the National Candy and Tobacco Manufacturers Credit Corp.

STEVEN DOVE Advisor to the President, F&D Reports 800-789-0123 Ext. 121

Steve joined Information Clearinghouse in 1998 after a 25-year career with Borden, Inc. (a multi-national conglomerate) where he gained extensive knowledge of virtually all facets of treasury, from finance and credit/receivable management to distribution and marketing. In addition, Steve participated in bank facility negotiations, M&A activity, and rating agency presentations. He was active on the boards of directors at several national trade credit groups, including the National Food Manufacturers Credit Group where he served as vice chairman of the Trade Relations Committee and vice chairman of the Claims Committee. He has extensive understanding and expertise in the defense of Avoidance Actions with emphasis on Preferential Transfers. In that capacity he has successfully defended dozens of Trustee demands with a very high success rate delivering settlements averaging less than 10% of the initial demand. He has been recognized and appeared as an Expert Witness in Federal Bankruptcy Court as relates to credit management Industry Practice. In his current position, he oversees all matters with respect to the F&D Reports division of ICI.

CHUCK LeWINTER Vice President of Sales & Marketing 800-789-0123 Ext. 150

When Chuck joined, he brought with him over 25 years of sales and marketing experience. As a previous owner of a sportswear manufacturing company, Chuck has maintained relationships with the leading department stores, mass merchants and specialty retailers throughout the country. He has firsthand knowledge in all areas of "compliance," including chargebacks, deductions, freight, packaging, assortments and markdowns. Chuck has served on a creditors' committees and fully understands the demands and challenges of a credit department. His comprehensive understanding of all products and services at have contributed greatly to's growth.

JOSHUA SUFFIN Vice President of Real Estate Services 800-789-0123 Ext. 172

Soon after attaining his BA in Entrepreneurship from Hofstra University, Josh joined Creditntell in September of 2011. Over the course of the next two years he utilized his skills to introduce new marketing initiatives and create new product offerings, with a concentration in the retail real estate segment, earning a promotion to Chief Production Officer. Through his diligent efforts with key players in this growing customer base he has been able to innovate a new array of services and networking events tailored to meet this diverse industry's specific needs and applications. Equipped with extensive real estate expertise and an expansive network, Josh was appointed Vice President of Real Estate Services and now leads the company's efforts with this major sector.

ANTHONY LOBOSCO Senior Vice President, Marketing 800-789-0123 Ext. 113

Tony spent 25 years with the Bell System in various positions in sales, marketing, product management and personnel. As director of sales and marketing, he was responsible for managing several Fortune 500 companies' telecommunications needs and overseeing a revenue stream of over $25 million. He began at F&D Reports in 1996 in customer service, for which he visited customers nationwide and gathered critical intelligence. Tony has since spearheaded many of the Company?s new product introductions, such as its Credit Executive Study Program, Customer & Market Insights and Hot Market reports. He is responsible for servicing a portion of F&D's national account portfolio.

ALBERT FURST MBA, Chief Operating Officer, F&D Reports and Creditntell 800-789-0123 Ext. 147

Albert joined F&D Reports/ as a Senior Financial Analyst in 1998. As Chief Operating Officer, today Albert oversees the daily operations of F&D Reports and the analyst department. He has been the lead analyst in the Food Sector and grocery space since 2001 and is responsible for analyzing high-risk accounts, overall retail coverage and products as well as a client liaison. Albert was previously with The Chase Manhattan Bank, where he headed up the multi-billion dollar cash management operations of its Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund relationship. Albert received a BS in Accounting from Binghamton University and an MBA in Corporate Finance from Hofstra University's Frank G. Zarb School of Business.

MICHAEL BLACKBURN MBA, CCM, Executive Vice President, F&D Reports and Creditntell 800-789-0123 Ext. 131

Prior to joining, Michael had over 10 years of corporate treasury and risk management experience in the manufacturing, service and retail industries. Immediately prior to joining, Michael was responsible for all the treasury management and financial planning functions with a retail golf company then in Chapter 11, and also managed that company's financial and vendor relations during its reorganization. Michael is responsible for monitoring the food and drug retail segments as well as conducting educational and training programs for customers, covering various financial topics and retail segments. Michael received his MBA from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a BS in Finance from the State University of New York at Albany.

ROBERT MARZO Chief Of Staff/Division President - ARMS 800-789-0123 Ext. 173

Robert joined F&D Reports as a financial analyst in June 2004. Immediately prior to joining F&D Reports, Robert worked as a business analyst at a Fortune 500 company where he provided business support in various areas, including the preparation and submission of monthly and year-end P&L reports. As Division President, Robert oversees the daily operations of the credit department, including managing the website, developing products as well as client relations. Robert is also the head analyst of the foodservice segment. Robert graduated from Stony Brook University with a degree in Economics and Business.

DAVID SILVERMAN MBA, JD, CPA, Senior Vice President, Creditntell 800-789-0123 Ext. 119

David joined ICI as a Financial Analyst in September 1995. Previously, David was a financial analyst for Data Broadcasting Corporation, a provider of business financial information. At Data Broadcasting, David was responsible for budgeting, cash flow, variance and merger and acquisition analysis, including evaluation of debt financing alternatives. At F&D Reports, David monitors the electronics and home center industries. David helped develop the Company's Credit Executive Training Program and has conducted several of the seminars. David has also prepared Debt & Covenant Analyses on monitored companies. David received a BS in Management and an MBA in Accounting from the University of Florida.

JAMES RICE Senior Vice President, Creditntell 800-789-0123 Ext. 127

Jim joined Reports as a senior analyst in February 2007, bringing with him 30 years of credit industry experience. Previously, Jim was an equities analyst for Susquehanna Financial Group and spent 14 years as an EVP of Bernard Sands. Jim also worked in various credit capacities in the factoring industry. At, Jim monitors Mass Merchandisers and Department Stores. Jim received his BA from Hunter College and did his post-graduate studies at St. John's University.

JESSICA SHUSTERMAN President, Research 800-789-0123 Ext. 109

A graduate of Columbia University, Jessica joined Creditntell in June 2000. With almost a decade of experience, she has acquired extensive financial research, writing and editorial skills, primarily within the food and drug sectors. Jessica's editorial pieces can be found in the Company's weekly newsletters, and she is a primary contributor to Private Retail Drug RxTRA Reports.

JOSEPH COSTELLO Chief Information Officer 800-789-0123 Ext. 112

Joseph Costello serves as Chief Information Officer of Information Clearinghouse Inc., providing overall technology leadership for the corporation and its businesses and working with business management to expand the application of effective technology solutions across the enterprise. Joseph brings to our organization over 18 years of global information technology experience with Fortune 500 companies like Citigroup and McGraw-Hill, and across several industries including financial, education, publishing and information services.

MICHAEL INFRANCO Assistant Vice President, F&D Reports 800-789-0123 Ext. 126

Prior to joining F&D Reports, Michael served in various analytical capacities during a 20 year career at Standard & Poor's where he was responsible for designing and managing financial models, providing investment recommendations, and performing financial valuations and research necessary to rank portfolios of stocks. In addition, Michael played a key role in developing and implementing new products and content for their equity research group. Michael received his MBA from Regis University in Denver and a BBA in Finance & Investments from Baruch College, City University of New York.

SEEMA SHAH Director Consumer and Retail Trends, Creditntell 800-789-0123 Ext. 129

Seema Shah is the Director of Consumer and Retail Trends at Creditntell. She has over 20 years of experience in consumer sector research and retail analysis. Prior to joining Creditntell, Ms. Shah was a senior consumer sector analyst at Granite Capital and Privet Capital, where she initiated, researched and recommended investments for the portfolios. She also worked in investment banking and private equity at Credit Suisse First Boston and Stone Point Capital. Most recently, she covered consumer and retail equities for the Bloomberg Intelligence platform. Ms. Shah received her MBA from Columbia Business School and BA from The Johns Hopkins University.

JIM FRITTS Senior Analyst, F&D Reports 800-789-0123 Ext. 137

Jim joined the Analyst team at F&D in April 2017 and brings over 20 years of experience in underwriting and analysis of distressed and special situation companies. Prior to joining F&D, Jim was with Republic Financial Corporation in Colorado, a private investment firm specializing in acquiring distressed debt and restructuring troubled companies. In addition, Jim has managed the investment analysis process for high-yield bond funds at Advisors Asset Management. He received his B.A. from the State University of New York at Albany and his MBA from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

TAYLOR RICKETTS Assistant Vice President, F&D Reports 800-789-0123 Ext. 139

Taylor joined Information Clearinghouse in January 2018. He brings 10 years of corporate credit, finance, and shared services experience, primarily with PepsiCo, Inc. There he gained extensive knowledge of all facets of the order to cash process, including financial analysis, credit and risk management, A/R and system processes, reporting, accounting, bankruptcy and legal processes. Taylor is experienced in process outsourcing, establishing a financial supplier evaluation process, governance and building a long term shared service provider relationship. Taylor has been an active member of several national trade and credit groups, including the National Food and Health Manufacturers Credit Group, Credit Research Foundation, and International Credit and Trade Finance where he earned his Registered Global Credit Professional designation (RGCPTM). In addition, he brings extensive creditor representation experience in bankruptcies, serving on the Creditors Committee in high profile bankruptcies including Caesars, Quiznos, Belle Foods, and Haggen. In his current position, Taylor provides analytics on natural and ethnic grocers and private companies. He is also actively involved within the Credit solutions group. He received his B.A. from the University of North Carolina at Asheville and his Masters in Economics and Finance from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

ALAN LEE Senior Analyst, F&D Reports 800-789-0123 Ext. 146

Alan joined F&D Reports as a Retail Analyst in April 2014. He covers multiple companies in healthcare, retail and wholesale food as well as Canadian food coverage. Alan received a BS in Finance and Accounting and a MS in Accounting from the Stern School of Business at NYU.

RAMONA BOLOZAN Director of Analytical Support, ARMS 800-789-0123 Ext. 124

Ramona Bolozan joined F&D Reports as a financial analyst in 2008 and was promoted to Director of Analytical Support / ARMS in 2013. During her tenure with the company, Ramona has held positions of increasing responsibility, making significant contributions to the analyst, credit and sales support departments. In her current role, she provides analytical, brand strategy and product development support, and she leads the company's international efforts, including overseeing the international credit team and maintaining and expanding the international database. Ramona received a BBA in Finance & Investments from Baruch College, City University of New York.

GERARD MACHADO Senior Analyst, Creditntell 800-789-0123 Ext. 152

Gerard joined Creditntell's Analyst team in December 2017 to cover the Apparel Retail industry. Gerard has over 25 years of international banking experience in credit underwriting of corporate, real estate, leveraged, and structured transactions. Before joining Creditntell, Gerard worked overseas for Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, enhancing the front-line credit underwriting process and delivering risk mitigation improvements. He likes to travel, teach and mentor young people. Gerard received a B.A. and a Masters degree in Economics from New York University.

SHIVAM PATEL Senior Analyst, Creditntell 800-789-0123 Ext. 168

Shivam joined Creditntell as a Retail Analyst in 2019. He covers multiple companies within the retail space. Prior to joining Creditntell, Shivam worked as an analyst in fixed income at Citi. Shivam graduated from Rutgers University with a major in Economics and a minor in Math.

DANIELLE MCINTEE Retail Analyst, Creditntell 800-789-0123 Ext. 122

Danielle joined Creditntell as a Retail Analyst in November 2019. She covers various companies within the consumer discretionary sector. Before joining Creditntell, Danielle worked in Equity Research at Bloomberg covering consumer hardline retailers. She graduated from Villanova University with a major in Finance.

JUSTIN WHITNEY Junior Financial Analyst 800-789-0123 Ext. 114

Justin joined F&D Reports as a Junior Analyst in May 2019. He graduated from the State University of New York at Oneonta receiving a Bachelors in Economics with concentration in Finance, and a minor in Computer Science.

MARYELLEN COLLOM-ARTHUR Operations Manager 800-789-0123 Ext. 125

Mary Ellen joined the Company as an analyst in October 2000, after working in banking, credit and accounting roles across various organizations. She has taken a lead role in developing operational efficiencies, integrating financial software and creating new products such as the Executive Review. In 2006, she was promoted to Operations Manager, where she now oversees daily operational issues, SEC filing reviews, new project initiatives, training and website quality control issues. Mary Ellen graduated with high honors with a BS in International Business from Johnson & Wales University.

TONI SINGER Director of Integration 800-789-0123 Ext. 175

With extensive experience in both the apparel and accessories industry, Toni is no stranger to the world of retail and customer relations. Toni is a team player and has no problem overcoming obstacles, and much of her success can be attributed to her ability to build sustainable relationships and trust with customer accounts through open and interactive communication. In her current position as Director of Integration, Toni is responsible for providing quality customer service and support across all of our business units.

HEDY GORDON Client Relations Consultant 800-789-0123 Ext. 135

Hedy Gordon's credit experience includes over 35 years within the Pharmaceutical and Consumer Products industries. She has held various Credit Manager positions with responsibilities including Collections, Credit Risk, Chargebacks, Department Training and implementation of JP Edwards, SAP and in-house computer systems. Hedy has also been an active member of the NACM Midwest Home Center & Consumer Products Credit Groups, as well as the Reimer Reporting Mass Merchandisers Group where she served as VP Chairperson. She joined Creditntell in 2013 as a consultant assisting the customer support team in maintaining and building lasting relationships with current and prospective subscribers. Hedy is a graduate of Long Island University with a BS Degree in English and Education.

CASSANDRA KASPARIAN Director of Research, Chief Editor 800-789-0123 Ext. 136

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Cassandra Kasparian has close to 20 years' experience as a writer and editor within a variety of organizations, including a literacy research center at a major university, an environmental non-profit organization, and a management consulting firm. Since joining F&D, Cassandra has been a key member of the research team and has taken a lead role in the writing, editing, and production of company, industry and regional analyses, newsletters, and press releases as well as contributed to the Company's web development initiatives.

MARY BETH MULLARKEY Research Analyst 800-789-0123 Ext. 188

After developing her writing and editing skills as an undergraduate at York College of Pennsylvania, Mary Beth joined the Research Team at Creditntell in June 2008. Since then, she has been responsible for the content of weekly newsletters and reports, including the Foodservice Sector Newsletter and Foodservice Sector Reports. She is currently the primary contributor to monthly Strategic Growth Insights and Customer & Market Insights reports.

JOANNE FANARA Analyst Assistant 800-789-0123 Ext. 174

Joanne joined Reports in November 2006, after working as an executive assistant in the real estate industry for 16 years. Because of her understanding of operational efficiency, Joanne is a key member in the daily management and support of the analyst team and the report production and distribution process. She is also responsible for the management of web conferences and the preparation and administration of a broad range of company products.

ANITA KUENZEL Client Relations Coordinator 800-789-0123 Ext. 163

After obtaining her degree in Psychology at Adelphi University, Anita joined ICI in 2011, and since diversified her role in support of driving agency growth. She oversees product development, account and project management, while providing support to key executive work. During her career she has demonstrated success in growing client business by nurturing relationships, discovering clients' needs, and tailoring solutions from our continuously expanding suite of services. In recent acquisition of AggData, Anita has been instrumental in our transition of operations and on-boarding of new teams. With the big picture in mind and a firm grasp on the details, she develops overall engagement strategy and enhances the skills and effectiveness of the client services team.

CASEY LEOPOLD Client Support Coordinator 800-789-0123 Ext. 164

As a recent graduate of University of Florida, Casey joined Information Clearinghouse in January 2018 and has become a vital member of the Client Relations Team. She is on the forefront of client onboarding and acclimating them to the service and acting as a liaison to our in-house analyst & credit team. In addition to supporting the sales department, Casey also collaborates with our marketing team to showcase new products and services.