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 Recent Reports/News
Report Date
Rent-A-Center, Inc. Announces Cash Dividend for the Fourth Quarter of 2019 9/05/19
Rent-A-Center Completes Acquisition of Merchants Preferred 8/14/19
Rent-A-Center, Inc. Reports Second Quarter 2019 Results 8/07/19
Rent-A-Center, Inc. Announces Second Quarter 2019 Earnings Call and Webcast 7/19/19
Rent-A-Center Enters Into Definitive Agreement to Acquire Merchants Preferred, a Nationwide Virtual Rent-to-Own Provider 7/15/19
Rent-A-Center Announces Plan to Initiate Quarterly Cash Dividend 6/27/19
Rent-A-Center, Inc. Reports First Quarter 2019 Results 5/06/19
Rent-A-Center, Inc. Announces First Quarter 2019 Earnings Call and Webcast 4/22/19
Rent-A-Center Ends all Further Litigation with Vintage Capital and B. Riley 4/22/19
Delaware Court of Chancery Determines Rent-A-Center Validly Terminated Merger Agreement 3/14/19
  Rent-A-Center, Inc. - Fourth Quarter Snapshot 2/26/19
Rent-A-Center, Inc. Reports Fourth Quarter and Year End 2018 Results 2/25/19
  Electronics / Office Products - Industry Credit Scoring Report 2/22/19
Rent-A-Center, Inc. Announces Fourth Quarter 2018 Earnings Release 2/14/19
B. Riley Financial Issues Statement Regarding Rent-A-Center Transaction 12/19/18
Rent-A-Center, Inc. Announces 2019 Financial Forecast Call and Webcast 12/18/18
Rent-A-Center Terminates Merger Agreement with Vintage Capital 12/18/18
  Rent-A-Center, Inc. - Terminates Deal With Vintage Capital 12/18/18
  Rent-A-Center, Inc. - 3Q Ended September 30, 2018 12/11/18
  Electronics Retailers & Wholesalers - The Executive Review 12/11/18
Rent-A-Center, Inc. Reports Third Quarter 2018 Results 11/05/18
  Rent-A-Center, Inc. - Third Quarter Snapshot 11/05/18
Rent-A-Center and Vintage Capital Receive Second Request from FTC Under HSR Act 9/13/18
  Rent-A-Center, Inc. - 2Q Ended June 30, 2018 9/06/18
  Electronics / Office Products - Industry Credit Scoring Report 8/14/18
  2017 / 2018 Mergers & Acquisitions - Special Analysis 8/09/18
Rent-A-Center, Inc. Reports Second Quarter 2018 Results 7/30/18
  Rent-A-Center, Inc. - Second Quarter Snapshot 7/30/18
Rent-A-Center, Inc. Announces Second Quarter 2018 Earnings Call and Webcast 7/19/18
Guggenheim Provides Committed Financing to Support the Acquisition of Rent-A-Center by Vintage Capital 6/25/18
B. Riley Financial Assists Vintage Capital in Announced Acquisition of Rent-A-Center 6/18/18
Rent-A-Center to be Acquired by Vintage Capital for $15.00 Per Share in Cash 6/18/18
  Rent-A-Center, Inc. - To Be Acquired by Vintage Capital 6/18/18
Rent-A-Center Reviewing Proposal from Vintage Capital 6/12/18
  Rent-A-Center, Inc. - Concludes Review of Alternatives 6/11/18
Rent-A-Center Concludes Review of Strategic and Financial Alternatives, Announces New 2018 Guidance Based on Materially Improved Financial Performance and Provides Business Updates 6/10/18
  Rent-A-Center, Inc. - First Quarter Ended March 31, 2018 6/07/18
  Rent-A-Center, Inc. - First Quarter Snapshot 5/01/18
Rent-A-Center, Inc. Reports First Quarter 2018 Results 4/30/18
Rent-A-Center Provides First Quarter 2018 Business Updates 4/09/18
  Rent-A-Center, Inc. - Fiscal Year Ended December 31, 2017 4/03/18
  Rent-A-Center, Inc. - Releases Update on Alternatives 3/07/18
  Rent-A-Center, Inc. - Fourth Quarter Snapshot 2/21/18
Rent-A-Center, Inc. Reports Fourth Quarter 2017 Results 2/20/18
Rent-A-Center Announces Cooperation Agreement with Engaged Capital, LLC 2/05/18
  Electronics / Office Products - Industry Credit Scoring Report 2/02/18
Rent-A-Center, Inc. Announces Fourth Quarter 2017 Earnings Call and Webcast 2/01/18
Rent-A-Center Associate Promoted to Vice-President 1/04/18
Rent-A-Center Announces CEO Transition 1/02/18
  Rent-A-Center, Inc. - Announces CEO Transition 1/02/18
Rent-A-Center Announces Proposal to Declassify Board of Directors 12/21/17
Rent-A-Center Taps Market Force Information for Customer Experience Management 12/20/17
  Electronics & Office Products Retailers/Wholesalers - The Executive Review 11/30/17
  Rent-A-Center, Inc. - Third Quarter Ended September 30, 2017 11/27/17
Rent-A-Center, Inc. Reports October Key Operating Metrics 11/16/17
  Rent-A-Center, Inc. - Core U.S. Comps Fall 3.4% 11/16/17
  Rent-A-Center, Inc. - Rejects Acquisition Offer 11/08/17
Rent-A-Center to Review Conditional, Non-Binding Proposal 11/03/17
  Rent-A-Center, Inc. - Vintage Capital Submits Offer to Acquire Rent-A-Center 11/03/17
Engaged Capital Commends Rent-A-Center Board for Initiating Strategic Alternatives Review Process 10/30/17
Rent-A-Center, Inc. Reports Third Quarter 2017 Results 10/30/17
Rent-A-Center to Explore Strategic and Financial Alternatives to Maximize Stockholder Value 10/30/17
  Rent-A-Center, Inc. - Third Quarter Snapshot 10/30/17
Rent-A-Center, Inc. Reports September Key Operating Metrics 10/20/17
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 Rent-A-Center, Inc.

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TTM Sales: $2,659,311 ($ in 000's)
Store Count: 2,035
Address: Plano, TX
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 Upcoming Rent-A-Center, Inc. Events
Date Event
ICS 10/28/19 Estimated 3rd Quarter Earnings Release
ICS 02/25/20 Estimated 4th Quarter Earnings Release
ICS 05/06/20 Estimated 1st Quarter Earnings Release
ICS 08/10/20 Estimated 2nd Quarter Earnings Release
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