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 Recent Reports/News
Report Date
Dollarama reports fiscal 2020 second quarter results 9/12/19
Dollarama Closes Previously Announced Acquisition of 50.1 pct Interest in Latin American Value Retailer Dollarcity 8/15/19
Dollarama to report second quarter Fiscal 2020 results 8/14/19
Dollarama to Acquire 50.1% Interest in Latin American Value Retailer Dollarcity, Establishing Second Growth Platform 7/02/19
Dollarama Reports Fiscal 2020 First Quarter Results 6/13/19
Dollarama to hold annual meeting of shareholders and to report first quarter fiscal 2020 results 5/23/19
Dollarama Reports Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2019 Results 3/28/19
Dollarama to Report Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2019 Results 3/04/19
  Dollarama Inc. - 3Q Ended October 28, 2018 1/11/19
Dollarama Reports Fiscal 2019 Third Quarter Results 12/06/18
  Mass Merchandisers - The Executive Review 11/29/18
Dollarama to Report Third Quarter Fiscal 2019 Results 11/12/18
  Dollarama Inc. - To Issue C$500.0 Million in Sr. Notes 10/30/18
Dollarama Announces Private Offering of $500 Million Senior Unsecured Notes 10/29/18
  Dollarama Inc. - 2Q Ended July 29, 2018 10/01/18
Dollarama Reports Second Quarter Results 9/13/18
  Mass Merchandisers - Industry Credit Scoring Report 8/20/18
Dollarama to Report Second Quarter Fiscal 2019 Results 8/16/18
  Dollarama Inc. - 1Q Ended April 29, 2018 7/23/18
  Mass Merchandisers - The Executive Review 6/28/18
Dollarama announces election of directors and shareholder approval of three-for-one share split 6/07/18
Dollarama reports first quarter results and renews normal course issuer bid 6/07/18
Dollarama to Hold Annual and Special Meeting of Shareholders and to Report First Quarter Fiscal 2019 Results 5/17/18
  Dollarama Inc. - Fiscal Year Ended January 28, 2018 5/09/18
Dollarama reports fourth quarter and fiscal year 2018 results 3/29/18
Dollarama Announces Changes to its Board of Directors 3/29/18
  Dollarama Inc. - New Chairman / 4Q Update 3/29/18
  Mass Merchandisers - Industry Credit Scoring Report 3/21/18
Dollarama to Report Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2018 Results 3/01/18
Dollarama announces private offering of $300 million of series 3 floating rate senior unsecured notes 1/25/18
  Dollarama Inc. - To Issue C$300.0 Million in New Notes 1/25/18
  Dollarama Inc. - Third Quarter Ended October 29, 2017 1/02/18
Dollarama announces completion of specific share repurchase program 12/21/17
Dollarama announces specific share repurchase program as part of normal course issuer bid 12/06/17
Dollarama reports third quarter results 12/06/17
  Mass Merchandisers - The Executive Review 11/17/17
Dollarama to Report Third Quarter Fiscal 2018 Results 11/13/17
 Key Company Information

 Dollarama Inc.

Ticker: DOL Stock Quotes
TTM Sales: C$3,698,422 (C$ in 000's)
Store Count: 1,250
Address: Montreal, QC
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 Upcoming Dollarama Inc. Events
Date Event
ICS 12/06/19 Estimated 3rd Quarter Earnings Release
ICS 03/27/20 Estimated 4th Quarter Earnings Release
ICS 06/15/20 Estimated 1st Quarter Earnings Release
ICS 09/14/20 Estimated 2nd Quarter Earnings Release
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