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 Recent Reports/News
Report Date
  American Eagle - 1Q Ended April 30, 2022 6/09/22
  Specialty Apparel - Quarterly Sales Analysis 4/28/22
  2021 Mergers & Acquisitions - Special Analysis 4/18/22
  American Eagle - FYE January 29, 2022 4/07/22
  Specialty Apparel - Quarterly Sales Analysis 1/25/22
  2021 Holiday Review - Special Analysis 1/19/22
  American Eagle - Strong Holiday Growth / Revised FY23 Outlook 1/11/22
American Eagle Outfitters Raises 2023 Financial Targets, Taking Operating Income to $800 Million Reflecting Outstanding Execution On Real Power. Real Growth. Plan; 2021 Operating Income On-Track to $600 Million Following Strong Holiday Demand 1/11/22
American Eagle Outfitters Completes Quiet Logistics Acquisition 12/29/21
  American Eagle - 3Q Ended October 30, 2021 12/13/21
American Eagle Outfitters Reports Record Third Quarter Results with Revenue Rising 24% and Operating Income More Than Doubling. This Reflects Strong Customer Demand and Excellent Execution on the Real Power. Real Growth. Value Creation Plan 11/23/21
  American Eagle - To Acquire Quiet Logistics 11/03/21
American Eagle Outfitters to Acquire Quiet Logistics and Strategic Investments to Further Enhance Supply Chain Capabilities 11/02/21
  Specialty Apparel - Quarterly Sales Analysis 10/14/21
American Eagle Outfitters Declares a Regular Quarterly Dividend of $0.18 Per Share 9/09/21
  American Eagle - 2Q Ended July 31, 2021 9/09/21
American Eagle Outfitters Reports All-time High Second Quarter Revenue and Operating Income Reflecting Strength Across Brands and Great Progress on our Real Power. Real Growth. Value Creation Plan 9/02/21
  Retailer Expansion Plans - Special Analysis 8/18/21
  June Retail Sales - Special Analysis 7/16/21
  American Eagle - 1Q Ended May 1, 2021 6/28/21
American Eagle Outfitters Announces 31% Dividend Increase Reflecting Strength in the Business, Financial Health and Confidence in Delivering Consistent Long-Term Growth 6/03/21
American Eagle Outfitters Reports Record First Quarter Revenue and Operating Income, Exceeding Expectations with Positive Growth Across Brands -- Results Reflect Excellent Execution on the Real Power. Real Growth. Value Creation Plan 5/26/21
  American Eagle - 1Q21 Sales Update 4/14/21
American Eagle Outfitters Business Accelerates Across American Eagle and Aerie Brands; First Quarter Revenue On-Track to Mid-Teens Growth vs. Pre-Covid 2019 4/14/21
  Specialty Apparel  - Quarterly Sales Analysis 4/14/21
  American Eagle - FYE January 30, 2021 3/19/21
American Eagle Outfitters Reports Fourth Quarter Results 3/03/21
  American Eagle - 4Q Update / 2023 Goals Announced 1/21/21
  Industry Credit Scoring Report - Apparel Retailers 1/20/21
  Specialty Apparel  - Quarterly Sales Analysis 1/13/21
  American Eagle - 3Q Ended October 31, 2020 12/08/20
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 American Eagle Outfitters, Inc.

Ticker: AEO Stock Quotes
TTM Sales: $5,035,177 ($ in 000's)
Store Count: 1,160
Address: Pittsburgh, PA
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Date Event
ICS 02/27/23 Estimated 4th Quarter Earnings Release
ICS 05/29/23 Estimated 1st Quarter Earnings Release
ICS 08/29/23 Estimated 2nd Quarter Earnings Release
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