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 Recent Reports/News
Report Date
Elliott Francis Joins PetSmart Charities Board Of Directors 2/02/21
PetSmart Charities Grants Additional $300,000 To Meals on Wheels America To Support Seniors And Their Pets During COVID-19 And Other Emergencies 2/01/21
PetSmart Prices Notes Offering 1/29/21
PetSmart Announces Notes Offering 1/28/21
  PetSmart - Withdraws Proposed Debt Offering 10/30/20
  PetSmart - Announced New Debt Offerings 10/26/20
PetSmart Announces Notes Offering 10/26/20
  PetSmart - Sponsors Propose Recapitalization / Transfer of Chewy's Assets 10/21/20
  PetSmart - 2Q20 Comps Rise From COVID Pent-Up Demand / EBITDA Margin Leverage 9/29/20
  PetSmart - Private Company Overview 8/25/20
  June Retail Sales - Special Analysis 7/16/20
  May Retail Sales - Special Analysis 6/16/20
  White Paper - U.S. Private Equity Review 2020 6/11/20
PetSmart Charities Appoints Aimee Gilbreath as President 5/19/20
  April Retail Sales - Special Analysis 5/15/20
  PetSmart, Inc. - Offers Exchangeable Securities 5/04/20
  March Retail Sales - Special Analysis 4/15/20
  PetSmart, Inc. - Revolver Drawn Down / 4Q19 Financial Update 4/07/20
  February Retail Sales - Special Analysis 3/17/20
PetSmart CEO J.K. Symancyck to speak at premier luncheon series hosted by the W. P. Carey School of Business 1/07/20
  PetSmart - Crystal Insights 12/20/19
  November Retail Sales - Special Analysis 12/13/19
PetSmart Charities Appoints Kimberlee Cornett as President 10/04/19
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 Key Company Information

 PetSmart, Inc.

TTM Sales: $12,000,000 ($ in 000's)
Store Count: 1,650
Address: Phoenix, AZ
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