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 Recent Reports/News
Report Date
Sears and Kmart Team Up with Toys for Tots to Share the Magic of the Holidays 11/08/18
Sears Holdings Seeks Court Approval Of Stalking Horse Asset Purchase Agreement With Service.com To Sell Sears Home Improvement Business 11/03/18
Sears Holdings Receives Court Approval Of "First Day" Motions To Support Business Operations 10/15/18
ESL Investments, Inc. and Edward S. Lampert Statement on Chapter 11 Reorganization Filing by Sears Holdings Corporation 10/15/18
Sears Holdings Initiates Processes To Accelerate Strategic Transformation And Facilitate Financial Restructuring 10/15/18
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Special Committee Reportedly Rejects ESL's Plan 10/10/18
Sears Holdings Announces Appointment Of New Independent Director 10/09/18
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Reportedly Planning to File For Bankruptcy 10/09/18
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Names Restructuring Expert To Its Board 10/09/18
  Trade Group Presentations - Stein Mart, J.C. Penney, Bluestem, Sears Holdings, Shopko 9/27/18
Sears Holdings Announces Receipt Of Proposal From ESL Investments 9/24/18
  Sears Holdings Corporation - ESL Proposes Financial Restructuring 9/24/18
Sears Holdings Reports Second Quarter 2018 Results 9/13/18
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Second Quarter Snapshot 9/13/18
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Delays Earnings Release Until After Market Close Today 9/13/18
Sears Holdings To Release Fiscal 2018 Second Quarter Financial Results, And Hold Pre-Recorded Conference Call And Audio Webcast 9/11/18
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Amends Loan Agreement and Pension Plan 9/04/18
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Crystal Insights 9/04/18
  Sears Holdings Corporation - To Close Another 46 Stores 8/23/18
  Industry Credit Scoring Reports - Mass Merchandisers 8/20/18
  Sears Holdings Corporation - ESL Investments Proposes to Acquire Kenmore 8/14/18
  Industry Credit Scoring Reports - Department Stores 8/06/18
  Sears Holdings Corporation - 1Q Ended May 5, 2018 7/16/18
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Lays Off 200 Corporate Workers 7/12/18
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Amends Loan Agreement 7/06/18
  The Executive Review - Mass Merchandisers 6/28/18
  Trade Group Presentations - Shopko, J.C. Penney, Barnes & Noble, Toys R Us, Sears Holdings 6/15/18
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Amends Loan Agreement 6/04/18
Sears Holdings Reports First Quarter 2018 Results 5/31/18
  Sears Holdings Corporation - First Quarter Snapshot 5/31/18
  Sears Holdings Corporation - List of Store Closures 5/31/18
Sears Holdings To Release Fiscal 2018 First Quarter Financial Results, And Hold Pre-Recorded Conference Call And Audio Webcast 5/30/18
  Sears Holdings Corporation - ESL Prompts Sears to Reconsider Proposals 5/29/18
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Extends Credit Card Agreement / Raises $400.0 Million 5/21/18
  2018 Store Activity & Retailer Health Analysis - Special Analysis 5/21/18
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Fiscal Year Ended February 3, 2018 5/17/18
Sears Holdings Announces Initiation Of Formal Process To Explore Potential Sale Of Assets 5/14/18
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Forms Special Committee to Explore Asset Sales 5/14/18
  Sears Holdings Corporation - ESL Urges Sears to Divest Assets / Makes Non-Binding Offer 4/23/18
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Amends Letter of Credit Agreement 4/23/18
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Crystal Insights 4/12/18
Sears Holdings Becomes The First Company To Win ENERGY STAR Partner Of The Year Awards For Retailer, Energy Management And Brand Owner Categories 4/02/18
  Industry Credit Scoring Reports - Mass Merchandisers 3/21/18
Sears Holdings announces completion of previously announced private exchange offers for outstanding 8% Senior Unsecured Notes Due 2019 and 6 5/8% Senior Secured Notes Due 2018 and negotiated exchanges of and amendments to certain other indebtedness 3/21/18
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Completes Exchange Offers / Amends Credit Agreement 3/21/18
Sears Holdings Reports Fourth Quarter And Full Year 2017 Results 3/14/18
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Fourth Quarter Snapshot 3/14/18
  Trade Group Presentations - Toys "R" Us, Sears Holdings, Barnes & Noble, Shopko 2/22/18
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Fourth Quarter Sales Update 2/15/18
  Trade Group Presentations - Stage Stores, Hudson's Bay Co., J.C. Penney, Sears Holdings, Neiman Marcus, Bon-Ton 2/14/18
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Increases Size of Second Lien Facility 2/13/18
  Industry Credit Scoring Reports - Department Stores 1/24/18
Sears Holdings announces intention to commence private exchange offers for outstanding 8% Senior Unsecured Notes Due 2019 and 6 5/8% Senior Secured Notes Due 2018 and pursue negotiated exchange of certain other indebtedness 1/23/18
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Exchange Offer / PIK Interest 1/23/18
Sears Holdings Announces Plan to Enhance Liquidity and Accelerate Return to Profitability 1/10/18
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Sales Update / Financing Initiatives 1/10/18
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Third Quarter Ended October 28, 2017 1/09/18
  Sears Holdings Corporation - To Close an Additional 103 Stores 1/04/18
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Crystal Insights 12/14/17
Sears Holdings Announces Incremental Liquidity Actions To Enhance Financial Flexibility 12/12/17
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Extends Term Loan Maturity / Plans New Credit Facility 12/12/17
Memento Delivers Open Letter to Sears Holdings Board 12/07/17
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Preliminary Holiday Sales 12/07/17
Sears Holdings Reports Third Quarter 2017 Results 11/30/17
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Third Quarter Snapshot 11/30/17
Sears Holdings To Release Fiscal 2017 Third Quarter Financial Results, And Hold Pre-Recorded Conference Call And Audio Webcast 11/27/17
  The Executive Review - Mass Merchandisers 11/17/17
  Trade Group Presentations - Shopko, Sears Holdings, Amazon, Staples, 99 Cents, Toys R Us, Academy Sports, Southeastern Grocers 11/15/17
  Trade Group Presentations - Stage Stores, Bon-Ton Stores, Hudson's Bay Co., Academy Sports, Belk, Sears Holdings 11/15/17
  Sears Holdings Corporation - 3Q Update & Pension Agreement 11/08/17
  Sears Holdings Corporation - 63 Additional Store Closings 11/03/17
  The Executive Review - Department Stores 11/02/17
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Obtains an Additional $40 million in New Financing 10/19/17
Sears Holdings Announces Change to Board of Directors 10/16/17
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Influential Board Member to Resign 10/16/17
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Obtains $100 Million in New Financing 10/05/17
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Second Quarter Ended July 29, 2017 10/04/17
  Trade Group Presentations - 2017 Retail Real Estate Executive Symposium 9/20/17
Sears Holdings Reports Second Quarter 2017 Results And Provides An Update On Recent Liquidity And Strategic Actions 8/24/17
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Second Quarter Snapshot 8/24/17
Sears Holdings To Release Fiscal 2017 Second Quarter Financial Results, And Hold Pre-Recorded Conference Call And Audio Webcast 8/22/17
  Trade Group Presentations - Bon-Ton, J. Crew, Nordstrom, Sears Holdings, Bass Pro, Cabela’s, Bob’s Stores, Sports Direct 8/21/17
  Industry Credit Scoring Reports - Mass Merchandisers 8/11/17
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Amended LC Releases Certain Collateral 8/03/17
Every Business is an Online Business: Exults CEO Zach Hoffman Explains Why Sears Can't Compete with Amazon and Walmart 7/27/17
  Department Stores and Apparel Retailers Trends & Outlook - Special Analysis 7/27/17
  Industry Credit Scoring Reports - Department Stores 7/24/17
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Crystal Insights 7/24/17
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Retailer Specific Webinars 7/21/17
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Kenmore Products to be Sold on Amazon.com 7/20/17
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Closes on a New $200 Million Loan Facility 7/17/17
Sears Holdings Announces Secured Line Of Credit Facility And Real Estate Transactions 7/07/17
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Reduced Vendor Support / 43 Additional Store Closings 7/07/17
  Sears Holdings Corporation - New Line of Credit / Real Estate Transactions 7/07/17
  Sears Holdings Corporation - First Quarter Ended April 29, 2017 7/05/17
  Sears Holdings Corporation - To Close 20 Additional Stores 6/26/17
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Updates Restructuring Efforts / Cuts 400 Jobs 6/13/17
  Trade Group Presentations - Toys R Us, Sears Holdings, Barnes & Noble, Shopko, Rite Aid 6/12/17
  Omnichannel Report: Department Store Sector - Special Analysis 6/09/17
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Closing an Additional 72 Locations 6/06/17
Sears Holdings Reports First Quarter 2017 Results 5/25/17
  Sears Holdings Corporation - First Quarter Snapshot 5/25/17
Sears Holdings To Hold Fiscal 2017 First Quarter Financial Results Pre-Recorded Conference Call And Audio Webcast 5/23/17
Sears Holdings Extends Debt Maturity And Derisks Pension Obligations 5/23/17
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Extends Debt Maturity and Modifies Pension Obligations 5/23/17
  Trade Group Presentations - Bon-Ton, J.C. Penney, Macy’s, Sears Holdings, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Sports Direct, Dunham’s Sports, 5/17/17
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Fiscal Year Ended January 28, 2017 5/01/17
Sears Holdings Details Progress And Further Actions Under Strategic Restructuring Program 4/21/17
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Critical Liquidity Enhancement Progress & 1Q Operations Update 4/21/17
  Trade Group Presentations - Toys R Us, Sears Holdings, Best Buy, Amazon 4/17/17
Sears Teams with Personal Finance Guru Nicole Lapin, Empowers Shoppers to "BYOW" (Boss Your Own Wallet) this Spring 3/27/17
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Crystal Insights 3/22/17
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Going Concern Uncertainty 3/21/17
  Trade Group Presentations - Bon-Ton, Gordmans, Macy's, Sears Holdings, Sears Canada, Belk 3/16/17
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Kmart President Departs 3/15/17
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Sears' Lenders Hire Advisor 3/14/17
Sears Holdings Reports Fourth Quarter And Full Year 2016 Results 3/09/17
Stanley Black & Decker Completes Purchase Of Craftsman Brand From Sears Holdings 3/09/17
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Fourth Quarter Snapshot 3/09/17
  Trade Group Presentations - J.C. Penney, Burlington, Sears Holdings, Sears Canada, Macy's, Belk 2/28/17
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Corporate Layoffs 2/23/17
  Trade Group Presentations - Toys R Us, Sears Holdings, Barnes & Noble, Rite Aid, Freds 2/22/17
Sears Holdings Outlines Next Phase Of Its Strategic Transformation | Sears Holdings Corporation 2/10/17
  Sears Holdings Corporation - 4Q EBITDA and Financing Update 2/10/17
  Industry Credit Scoring Reports - Mass Merchandisers 1/31/17
  Trade Group Presentations - Bon-Ton, J.C. Penney, Sears Holdings, Sportsmans Warehouse 1/31/17
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Closes on Sale Leaseback Transaction 1/30/17
  Industry Credit Scoring Reports - Department Stores 1/23/17
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Third Quarter Ended October 29, 2016 1/23/17
  Trade Group Presentations - MC Sports, Dick's Sporting Goods, Academy Sports, Bob’s Stores, Eastern Mountain Sports, Sears Holdi 1/12/17
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Credit Rating Change Alert 1/09/17
Sears Holdings Announces Steps To Enhance Liquidity, Stabilize Operating Performance 1/05/17
  Sears Holdings Corporation - To Sell Craftsman / Closing Additional Stores 1/05/17
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Holiday Sales Erode 12 to 13% 1/05/17
Sears Holdings Obtains $500 Million Secured Loan Facility 1/04/17
  Sears Holdings Corporation - Obtains New $500 Million Secured Loan 1/04/17
Sears Holdings Announces Secured Standby Letter Of Credit Facility 12/29/16
  Sears Holdings Corporation - New Letter of Credit Facility 12/29/16
  Sears Holdings Corporation - To Close an Additional 30 Stores 12/28/16
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Address: Hoffman Estates, IL
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ICS 05/31/19 Estimated 1st Quarter Earnings Release
ICS 09/02/19 Estimated 2nd Quarter Earnings Release
ICS 11/21/19 Estimated 3rd Quarter Earnings Release
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